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LED Controller

LED controller is to control the switches of various positions in the LED light circuit through chip processing.The controller controls the drive circuit according to the preset program to make the LED array emit light regularly.



The LED controller series is a RGB three-color intelligent dimming controller dedicated to LED lighting, using advanced computer control chips and the most advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) digital brightness adjustment technology.IR/RF remote control can be used for remote dimming; it can meet the light needs of commercial or home lighting at different times and in different environments, extend the life of LEDs, and save energy.


Main Features:

1, Using RF 2.4GHZ wireless transmission technology, the frequency band is free of license and royalty-free use internationally.

2,The kernel is upgraded to a dual-core driver, which brings processing speed up to 10 times faster and can handle complex multi-level wireless data transmission.

3,Leading RF wireless synchronization control technology, no synchronization signal line between controllers, stable and reliable synchronization performance.

4,Realize the unlimited number of receiving controllers to synchronize the lighting changes, and solve the problem of places where the controllers cannot be pulled but need to be controlled synchronously.

5,The remote control adopts capacitive full-color ring touch mode, LED color selection is more humane, theoretically it can produce one billion colors.

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