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The advantage of the led parking lot light and led shoebox light

LED shoebox light is light that is erected to illuminate wide area coverage.they are mostly used as either security light at homes,street lights or even the areas that may require broad light coverage.LED shoebox light was desighed to replace the high sodium pressure shoebox light which used to consume between 100 watts and 1000 watts of power.the LED shoebox light is usually in a square or rectangular shape.the LED shoebox lights have a power input that ranges from 100 to 277 watts alternating current.


LED parking lot light is light that is mostly used in parking lots as they illuminate areas of wide coverage.they are effective in parking lots because the parking lots are usually wide areas.most led parking lot lights usually have a power input that ranges from 200 to 500 watts.the power consumption of these lights is between 100 to 280 volts alternating current.most of them have a lexeon led type and an aluminum alloy housing type.the led parking lot lights are able to generate about 60000 lumens.


other than being used in homes as security lights and on the street lights,the LED shoebox light can be also used as industrial lights due to their ability of high level of high level of illumination power.

 It's important to note that the led shoebox lights can also be used for outdoor lighting ,especially for games such as basketball courts,tennis courts,badminton courts and as well as concerts. 

LED shoebox light has many benefits whcih include:they are energy saves since they don't consume a lot of energy and thus this helps in saving money for electricity bills.the LED shoebox lights are also very efficient and durable.this is in that unlike the other types of lighting systems;these types of lighting systems are not made of neon gas hence will not need to be repalced after use.


the LED shoebox lights do not use filters and for this reason,they can be blended to form various forms of color when the need arises.they are also very useful when the need for a broad light coverage arises.

the LED shoebox light also an instant start since they do not flick or hum when they are started.the shoebox light is eco-friendly due to their lack of mercury.

the advantage of the led parking lot light is that they don't have ultraviolet rays or the infrared rays in their beams and as a result,they are safe to the eyes.


the other main reason as to why they are advantageous is that they are energy saving and thus have along lifespan.the parking lot lights are easy to install and to operate.

however,the two also have similarities.both the led parking lot lights and the led shoebox lights have aluminum housing guards which protect them against harsh weather conditions.

moreover,both the led shoebox light and the led parking lot light also are mounted with a sidearm,trunnion or slipfitter on poles for wide area coverage illumination.

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