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Benefits of LED Bulb

his is a question that millions of people will be asking for the foreseeable future. The answer is Simple. LED bulbs can save you thousands of dollars on your Electric Bill. LED bulbs will help make the Planet we live, a cleaner one. LED bulbs last so long, you won’t need to change them for years. Finally, The incandescent & Fluorescent bulb will be obsolete in 10 years.

Benefits of LED Bulbs:

- Save money and energy by using LED bulbs. Generally, an LED consumes less than 0.1 watt to operate. This incredibly low consumption means you will save on your energy costs right from the start.

- The typical LED bulb will last for 50,000 hours. This is over 10 Years of light from One Bulb used half the time. Compared to an incandescent bulb, which lasts 1,000 hours, a halogen bulb lasts 2,000 hours, and a compact fluorescent bulb may last up to 10,000 hours.

- The extremely long life of an LED bulb will virtually eliminate your maintenance costs. There will be no need to change light bulbs throughout the year.

- The solid state technology of an LED is very durable and can withstand high levels of shock and vibration. Its able to operate in extreme temperatures cold, or hot. (-35° C to 80° C).

- LED’s convert almost all the energy used into the light output, making them a highly efficient light source. LED’s generate less than 30% of the heat of traditional lighting technologies. With minimal heat generated, LED’s are safe to the touch and do not produce any harmful UV rays.

- LED’s are environmentally friendly; they are made from non-toxic materials unlike fluorescent which contain Mercury. For more on what LED’s are made from , see our LED Tutorial.

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